Featured Artist

We are so excited to collaborate with Eileen Jiminez for a custom piece of art that will be revealed at Budget Matters this year.

Lino cut portrait of the artist holding tools in front of her partially concealed face. Black lines and colorfully filled in. A colorful hummingbird is flying to the right of a flower in her hair.

Eileen Jimenez

Eileen is a body of water. Her mother is Maria Cruz Jimenez, her grandmother is Eloisa Saavedra and her great grandmother is Isidora Saavedra, matriarchs of the Otomi people. She is an indigenous queer artist currently living in occupied Duwamish Territory (Seattle, WA). Her soul speaks through her art. In her art, she sees herself and the stories and the strength from her ancestors. In her art you will see her Mexican and Otomi stories – you see the visual representation of her soul, and the colors, the culture, the visions and the dreams that live there. As an indigenous leader, community member, and as an artist, everything she does and creates is influenced by her many intersecting identities and lived experiences. She creates the art, the structures, the programming and the educational experiences she wishes she and her community would have seen and had access to as a girl from the ‘hood. In her current body of work you will see her ongoing journey to heal and to share her family’s and community’s stories. She aims to create pieces that embody Indigenous life, joy, resilience and relationship to Land.

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