Budget Matters 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Budget Matters 2021: In it for the long haul! We are so glad you were part of these important conversations as we continue to build upon the progress we’ve made together. 

At this year’s event, we shared inspiration with Ankita Patel, April Sims, and Monserrat Padilla about what a just and equitable economy could look like. We also took some time with our executive director Misha Werschkul and State Representative Noel Frame to imagine together what is next for progressive economic policy in Washington state. And a huge thank you to our senior fellow Andy Nicholas for moving the event along smoothly as our emcee.

Watch a recording of the virtual summit on YouTube.

At Budget Matters 2021, we also reflected on 15 years of advocacy as we celebrated our 15th anniversary. Learn more about our work and where we’re headed.

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